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Olfactive Studio is an encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery; between the eye and the nose.


eau de parfum


A self-portrait may be the answer to this equation in one unknown: the self.

Eternally superficial, beauty gives us access to the profound, hidden meaning of nature. Seeing one’s reflection is to experience inner harmony; one that ignites an aesthetic emotion that, through the gaze, is able to dissolve all inner conflicts.
I look at myself and in that self perceive the beauty of the world.

luc lapôtrePHOTOGRAPHER:

Luc finds amusement in pretty much everything and develops his own sensitivity to a dream-like and out-of-the box world, very much influenced by his attraction for the other side of the looking glass.
He first applied this talent in his career as a studio hair stylist, working with the greatest names in fashion photography, and traveling around the world.
These encounters quickly gave him the desire to create his own images so he took up photography to explore and present his own vision of the world.


luc lapôtre