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Natacha Rousseau Natacha Rousseau

Natacha Rousseau likes passionate people, complicity, unusual projects, self-critique, stunning images, one-liners, beautiful objects and punctuation…
To take an artistic universe and enrich it with new graphic meaning, or to challenge oneself to start from a tabula rasa and create a world around a product or a project… is a true gift for a graphic designer!
Natacha Rousseau and Céline have been working together for over 5 years, always in dialogue mode, joyful, stressed, happy, but never interrupted!  
Natacha Rousseau did all the graphic design for Olfactive Studio, from the press kit to the web site.

Clotilde Maisonneuve Clotilde Maisonneuve

Clotilde Maisonneuve and Sophie Noguès founded the Madecos agency in 2003. Their role is to lend support to brands and other projects in terms of product development.
The poetry of Madecos is industry. Their inspiration comes from oil and sludge.  Glasswork, injection, printing, embossing, marking… such variety, such curiosity, is all in a day’s work for Madecos.
Their source of motivation is the diversity of concepts and products. Each project is an adventure; every production brings fulfillment. Marrying a rigorous approach with a sunny disposition, their real passion lies in the hidden face of the product.
Clotilde Maisonneuve took the reins of the entire development and fabrication of Olfactive Studio's lines.

Mathias Ohrel Mathias Ohrel

Mathias Ohrel met Céline at Kenzo Parfums, where she introduced him to the world of luxury. He worked at Kenzo for 6 years, first as the head of the fragrance marketing department, then as Director of kOzen and editor of multimedia content.
Becoming a journalist and an independent consultant, Mathias Ohrel was Editor-in- Chief for Beaux-Arts Magazine's special fashion issues when he found his true calling: design management and talent recruitment.
His firm, m-O, "constructs alchemies". He helps brands and organizations find their vision and their voice, and recruits the right personalities to convey that vision.
Mathias Ohrel contributed to the Olfactive Studio's press kit.

Camille Toupet Camille Toupet

After completing Fashion and Marketing studies, first at the ESMOD Fashion School and then at Fit in New York, Camille Toupet chose to specialize in accessory design.
Upon returning to Paris, she dreamed of jewelry. So she opened her own design studio and collaborated with Dinh Van to create the "Seventies" line. The instant success of the line opened her the doors to the mythical world of jewelry.
Today, Camille Toupet expresses her creative talent and skills not only through jewelry but also through such diverse media as watch-making, accessories, fragrance bottle design, packaging and even display design.
Camille Toupet contributed to the design of Olfactive Studio's fragrance bottle and packaging.

Sandra Armstrong Sandra Armstrong

New York, MoMA, the "Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century" exhibition: one phrase caught my attention: "To photograph is about aligning the eye, the head and the heart".  
We shared important moments with Céline during the development of Kenzo fragrances and the website.
Today, as Account Director Europe for the American Communications Agency CreativeFeed in Paris, I recommended Céline to win the heart of American consumers with Olfactive Studio's story, which is in my interpretation a new form of dialogue between the eye and the nose.
Sandra Armstrong contributed to the creation of the Olfactive Studio concept.