Prior to falling in love with the perfumer profession and her training at ISIPCA, Dora Baghriche had dreams of writing and becoming senior field reporter.

Imbued with Mediterranean warmth, Dora spent her childhood between two cities and two cultures: Alger and Paris. With both her grandmothers being pastry chefs, she developed a passion for indulgence. She inherited an olfactory memory of pine nut crème, cinnamon treats, and a waft of almonds.

Dora's curiosity and fanciful mind have led her to meet many aspiring artists whose eclecticism she admires. Many of her friends are musicians, filmmakers, and actors from all walks of life. Her own geographic itinerary is varied and expansive: from the Mediterranean scrublands to the landscapes of Asia, with a stop-off in New York where she once lived and learned much.