SEPIA, Olfactive Studio's new collection is born: six Extrait de Parfums whose precious and sophisticated compositions highlight the aura of exceptional and highly concentrated raw materials (20%).

Each Extrait de Parfum in the Sepia collection preludes with a raw material or an accord. The first trio created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour and inspired by the Land Art landscapes by photographer Martin Hill showcases Vanilla, Leather and a Chypre accord with Vanilla Shot, Leather Shot and Chypre Shot.

The second trilogy is the masterpiece of perfumer Dominique Ropion. Inspired by three Roberto Greco photographs, this floral triptych brings together olfactory and visual universes and features Iris Shot, Violet Shot and Rose Shot.

Photography and fragrance echo and enhance each other. The rose, iris and violet notes showcased in each Extrait are classics in perfumery, and Dominique Ropion has succeeded in reinventing them and expressing the incredible richness of these classic ingredients. He is the root of iris in Iris Shot when a violet "leaf" note casts its magic spell in Violet Shot. The petals of rose show off their bewitching ability in Rose Shot.

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