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Vorstellung des Parfümberaters

Find with few clicks which of our perfumes matches best your tastes or the ones of your close friends & relatives

It’s not that simple to choose the perfect fragrance for yourself. It’s even worse when it comes to offer a perfume to a love one or to a friend. But you certainly do have a favorite perfume in your cabinet (and so do your close ones) that you can use as a reference to start a new olfactory journey.

With this idea in mind, we have launched the “Perfume Advisor”, an intuitive tool that will help you identify which notes you like and find the equivalent among our collection.

Just click on the red dot on the right and indicate the name of your favorite perfume. Our Perfume Advisor will show you using a matching rate which of our fragrances is more likely to suit you.

Our Perfume Advisor relies on a data base of


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